Top Demographics Firm Partners with Teeth Tomorrow® Network

The Teeth Tomorrow Network proudly announces its partnership with IntelleVue – a leader in providing demographic information for franchises since 1995. Each Teeth Tomorrow® member practice is provided a robust breakdown of the demographics within their specific, geographically protected territory to enable them to identify prospective patients and effectively target their local marketing activities.

“IntelleVue began its process by analyzing the patients served by the first Teeth Tomorrow® practice”, explains Jeff Davis – Founder and Owner of IntelleVue, LLC. “We used the results of that analysis to create a comprehensive demographic and psychographic profile of the ideal prospective patient. Next we overlaid the density of people who fit this profile over every square mile of the United States. The result is a map of the entire country that identifies the location and population of people most likely to be candidates for a full-arch Prettau® zirconia solution.”

“The insight gained from the IntelleVue process verifies the local business plan for each franchise practice”, says Dr. Michael Tischler, the network’s founder and implant editor of Dentistry Today. “Each geographic territory is specifically designed to include the best number of potential patients to ensure business success. Our mission is support every aspect of our members’ implant practices, so they can spend less time managing the business, and devote more time to their patients.”

“Teeth Tomorrow provides our members with a proven process to grow practice revenue, while best serving patients”, states Richard Stone, Director of Network Services. “Our unique clinical solution is targeted directly to the patients most likely to choose it. Each franchise territory has been defined using state-of-the-art market intelligence, and our global branding campaign delivers national reach with local results for Network Implant Dentists.”

The Teeth Tomorrow Network is the only National US dental franchise dedicated to full-arch zirconia as the final product. Network membership is only granted to carefully selected practices committed to providing advanced dental implant reconstruction services, and is limited to 250 exclusive market territories.

The Teeth Tomorrow Network consists of advanced implant dentists delivering a proven full-arch Prettau® zirconia solution to their patients. The network doctors utilize the established Teeth Tomorrow clinical, laboratory and marketing protocols, working together to share knowledge and further the success of the Teeth Tomorrow brand, setting the gold standard for top recognized dentists for full arch restoration. The network enables members to expand their advanced prosthetic and restoration practice through success-proven delivery protocols, inclusive doctor/staff training, an exclusive market within a designated territory, and customized national marketing and advertising support.

Network membership is only available to carefully selected Advanced Implant Dentists. Dental Implant Dentists interested in learning more about joining the Teeth Tomorrow® Network while prime territories remain available should visit, send inquiries to or call the Network Support Team at 845-679-1280.

IntelleVue LLC, founded in 1995, is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and provides services in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico). IntelleVue is a licensed Partner with Pitney Bowes Business Insight (MapInfo), Alteryx, Research Solutions Inc., Billian’s HealthData Group, Applied Spatial Technology, ImageConnect, InfoUSA, GoLeads, Landiscor as well as other software and data vendors.. For more information, contact Jeff Davis, at jdavis@intellevue@com or call 918.250.5561